The objective of Make Work Better is to help organisations to improve employee relations, employee engagement and management capability  - enabling them to deliver their business strategy and great customer service. 

There are many signs to indicate a deterioration in employee relations and engagement. These can include:

  • An increase in conflict such as grievances, bullying and harassment cases and employment tribunal claims
  • An increase in absence and work related stress
  • Poor team, department or organisational performance
  • A breakdown in team, individual or union relationships
  • Employee reluctance to change or take part in change

An organisation is unlikely to deliver its strategy if these issues are unexplored and unaddressed. It is unlikely that managers will gain the commitment and co-operation they need to improve performance or lead change. 

We are all aware of the statistics on absence, stress and conflict – the costs to businesses and employees. Most leaders recognise that their organisations cannot afford to ignore the signs of poor organisational health. 

At Make Work Better, we work with you to design programmes and interventions to address these issues based on good practice and what will work in your organisation.  

We genuinely believe that it is possible to make work better.