Employee relations change project within an airline 

The airline had experienced a number of disputes with its unions which were financially damaging and were affecting the brand. It wanted to understand the current state of industrial relations in the company.
A diagnosis was conducted of the employee relations strategy, structure and behaviours through interviews and group sessions with directors, operational managers and union representatives. The diagnosis led to the design and delivery of a three-year change programme and the ER climate improved in all areas that took part in the programme. 

Facilitation of problem solving groups to improve employee relations within an engineering function

Relationships between union representatives and managers were difficult and the business was facing real challenges. We designed and ran mediated team sessions enabling union reps and managers to develop solutions to the main problems they faced. Employee relations in the engineering function has improved significantly and joint working is the norm. Both parties believe that improved ER has helped the business to grow, recruit apprentices and take on third-party work. 

Development of an employee forum in a growing business

As the business grew, the company felt it needed a formal mechanism to capture employee views and concerns. We designed an employee forum, wrote the supporting documentation, designed and ran the nomination and election process and trained the new employee representatives and the managers who would sit on the forum. The new forum has already made significant changes as a result of listening to its employees.

A review of the handling of conflict in the NHS

This critical department had been experiencing a number of grievances, counter grievances, disciplinaries and stress cases amongst a relatively small team. The issues had been raised formally by the unions and had made front page of the local news. The NHS Trust wanted to understand how the issues had been handled and ensure that it improved its management of team issues in future.

We conducted confidential interviews with all staff involved including investigators, union representatives and HR. The Trust implemented our recommendations based on changes to process, training, understanding of roles and practical team building sessions.

A review of health and wellbeing in airline 

To enable the development of a well-being strategy, a review was undertaken of the current policies, benefits and services provided by the airline. As part of this review, accident, absence and health statistics were also analysed to enable the future strategy to be targeted at any current issues in the workplace.

Internal data and policies were gathered during interviews with key personnel in occupational health, health and safety and human resources departments. As part of this review, case studies of good practice were provided to demonstrate how other companies have approached issues such as absence management and health promotion.