We are focussed on improving employee relations and engagement to positively impact the performance of your people and your business. 

We know what has worked in other places but don't assume it will work for you. We will draw on good practice, models and solid research methodology along with our own experience and understanding.

At the heart of our approach is a belief that "bottom up" approaches to improving employee relations and engagement have the most positive effects. By giving employees, representatives and managers the opportunity to solve their own performance, operational and behavioural issues you have a powerful way to inspire, motivate and embed lasting change. We therefore promote "bottom-up" change which enhances relationships, builds trust, develops skills and benefits business performance.

Where possible we use "action teams" of employees, representatives and managers to identify solutions to problems within an agreed time frame. Our action team methodology is tried and tested and has had powerful results. Our aim is to train others in the client organisation to use the action team approach effectively.