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About Me


I'm Debbie, founder of Make Work Better and an employee relations specialist with 30 years’ experience in public and private sector organisations. I have designed and led ER functions in unionised environments.


I have a track record of improving employee relations cultures in highly unionised workplaces. I work comfortably with credibility, enthusiasm, integrity and authenticity with all levels including Executive level.


I successfully find common ground and constructive solutions, building positive environments between unions and leaders, in teams and for individuals. I am used to dealing with complex and difficult ER issues with common sense, clarity and straightforwardness. I work with passion and energy, guided by positive values of inclusion and diversity.


What I Do



Make Work Better supports organisations to develop a comprehensive ER strategy. We coach you to listen, involve and consult your employees during change and after conflict (including disputes and personal cases) to build trusting, engaging places to work.
Audit & Diagnosis
Rebuilding After Conflict




I believe an investment in employee relations enables organisations to manage change and build better workplaces.


Employee relations does not have to be conflictual, disruptive, or antagonistic. By building capability in problem solving and conflict resolution, organisations will better manage both their ER risk and organisational change without disruption.

Make Work Better is all about working with leadership teams to rebuild positive and constructive relationships with trade unions, often after a dispute or breakdown in the collective relationship.


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My Work


Rebuilding relationships with unions after dispute
Designing engagement framework after restructuring
Executive team and senior union mediation
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Using action teams for joint problem solving


"Debbie has great interpersonal skills so essential in a project designed to bring together people with very different starting positions. She uses her skills and experiences effectively to move people towards a consensus position."

—  ex-HR Director, British Airways