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We support organisations to build a robust approach to employee voice in workplaces that do not have union representation.


We enable trusted environments where employee voices are heard and creative solutions are delivered.

Improving employee voice

​​We advocate a systematic approach to employee voice, focusing on the following areas to assess the current status:

  • ​What are you trying to achieve through your channels for employee voice?

  • Are you complying with the spirit of the UK Corporate Governance code or the Wates Principles? How do people issues get discussed at board level?

  • If you have formal meetings, what gets discussed? Is there a good balance of employee and employer items? Is it genuinely a forum for all employees? Are some employees missing?

  • If you have employee networks, how effective are they? Is their role clear? Do they need capability training? Do they have the support of senior leaders?

  • What support and training do your line managers have to enable a healthy exchange of views with their teams?


​The outcome of this assessment provides a detailed, comprehensive action plan to deliver improved employee voice throughout your organisation.

“Debbie is a lively and enthusiastic person to work with, who provided a balance between healthy challenge and support during what was a very busy and critical time in the development of our new employee voice model. I highly recommend her services.”


Senior Leader, Aviation

Listen | Involve | Resolve

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