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Joint problem solving  with trade unions and employee representatives really works and is sustainable.


We support this invaluable process to deliver practical solutions to real workplace issues.

Problem solving and action teams

Problem solving groups or 'action teams' are a powerful way of resolving differences of opinion. They can move people from entrenched positions and away from a 'win-lose' approach. They can significantly impact a positive organisational culture.

As well as solving critical problems and helping the business move forward, all parties learn valuable insights and practice key transferable skills. Successful action teams demonstrate to the wider business the potential of joint problem solving, reducing the resistance to a collaborative style of working.

At Make Work Better, we have a wealth of experience facilitating joint problem solving in a range of areas, such as  policy modernisation. Using the action team approach in one organisation, we modernised more policies in a few months than had been achievable in the previous decade. We consciously moved them away from their traditional approach - where both parties were intent on 'winning' and felt they were rarely listened to.


Action teams can also help improve an organisation’s industrial relations climate. Its collaborative, bottom-up style of engagement gains increased buy-in from all parties and leads to sustainable change. We have repeatedly witnessed success using action teams in industries such as aviation. Our work with a global airline delivered a transformed union relationship leading to a multitude of far reaching and positive commercial benefits.

“Debbie brings clarity, common sense and straightforwardness to discussions which can sometimes be lacking these qualities. She patiently works with stakeholders on all sides to try and find common ground and constructive solutions, showing enormous patience, professionalism and resilience.”

—  Director of People, Aviation

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