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During difficult times organisations can face conflict and disputes.


We provide support to rebuild collective relationships after a dispute has occurred or trust has been damaged.

Rebuilding relationships

We work with leadership teams and employee and union representatives to rebuild positive and constructive relationships, often after a dispute or breakdown in trust.


We advocate a modernised yet robust, tried and tested team mediation process. We have used this to great effect to turnaround deteriorating relationships and to reset discussions following industrial action.


We focus on the key relationships that require transformation. These can be difficult conversations but it is critical that the leaders of all parties are able to air their views, listen to each other and when ready, set out a jointly agreed approach to future employee relations.


One solution may be the ongoing use of joint problem solving using action teams. This enables a detailed focus on particular key areas such as an operational or procedural issue. We may need to consider building skilled ER/IR capability across the organisation to ensure that going forward, managers and local representatives learn to collaborate to solve, not escalate problems.

“Debbie has made a real difference and challenged the prevailing approach to employee relations, creating more effective working relationships with varied stakeholders and more collaborative working with the trade unions.”

—  HRD, Aviation

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