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We are an innovative, forward-thinking employee relations and industrial relations consultancy.


We help our clients deliver practical and pragmatic change, transforming workplace cultures.

Make Work Better is led by Debbie Sanders, working closely with experienced trusted partners who share her philosophy:

Employee Relations is a big risk issue – in terms of disputes, conflict, lack of engagement, lack of morale, difficulties in attracting employees and negative impact on productivity.


Make Work Better strongly advocate that ER is approached as a key strategic business issue.


An employee relations and engagement strategy is an essential element of an organisation’s environmental, social and governance strategy.  


Increasingly, investors are including these 'non-financial' factors as part of their risk analyses – risk to reputation, investment or share value. In addition, employees evaluate them – among other sources of data – to assess a company's workplace culture. Trade unions consider them to see if values and behaviours align.


We firmly believe that modernised, constructive, collaborative employee engagement is critical for organisational success.


We facilitate the development of two-way dialogues to enable employees and their representatives to share ideas and concerns with senior leaders. We enable pivotal insight that is a catalyst for the development of a positive workplace culture.

About Make Work Better

Picture of Debbie Sanders

Debbie Sanders is the founder of Make Work Better.


She is an employee relations specialist with unique experience as both a union official and a leader of ER teams in large, complex organisations.


Debbie has been a researcher, writer and lecturer in employee relations. As a consultant, she supports companies in both the public and private sector.

I started Make Work Better to help organisations introduce genuinely effective and sustainable ways of working with their unions and employee representatives.


I passionately believe giving employees a voice at work makes sound business sense. People feel valued, contribute more and feedback ideas about how to make work better. Working effectively with unions and employee representatives adds real commercial value, positively impacts culture and significantly manages risk.


Skilled capabilities in employee relations and industrial relations are often missing in organisations. We help to build that capability, together with confidence and enthusiasm for industrial and employee relations amongst leaders, managers and HR teams. 


Make Work Better is here to help modernise employee relations culture by transforming ways of working with unions and employee representatives.

“Debbie draws on her extensive employee and labour relations experience and always offers a fresh – and sometimes challenging – perspective, helping parties find a resolution in difficult situations.”

—  Global ER Director, Manufacturing

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