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Feedback is a gift

In 2022, Joe and I launched our employee relations and engagement development programme and so far, nearly 50 delegates from 9 of the UK’s largest, unionised private sector companies have completed the programme.

We keep it relevant, updated and aim to get as much learning into the online modules and face to face sessions as we can, using case studies, self-reflection, discussion, practice, presentation and action learning sets alongside a range of speakers with diverse backgrounds and perspectives of working with trade unions. We explore collective employee voice from board level to local problem solving and offer a ton of extra resources for ongoing development.

In 2024, we are planning to run a programme from April to June. If you want to find out more, please get in touch with us and you can read about it here -

2024 should be an interesting year for employment relations, so if you want your teams to be thinking about it strategically, learning from other organisations, looking at the global and UK picture, hearing from ER leaders and developing a curious mindset for the best job in HR, get in touch.

The programme is best suited to those working with unions and employee representatives, either in an ER or HR role. Here are some words from previous delegates and their sponsoring organisations:

“Our team has really enjoyed the sessions and benefitted from being part of it all. They are way more externally savvy now” Labour relations director

“I’m really pleased you’re running another programme next year. The feedback from our delegates has been very positive and I know our four are working together to consider the broader implications of what they’re learning

Global ER director

I would like to personally thank both of you for the successful implementation of this long overdue initiative. It was clear from the reports delivered by the groups how much they’ve enjoyed and benefitted from their participation and that is undoubtedly thanks in the main to you two”


Thank you for such a fantastic course. I have realised that it has actually given me a much more positive mindset about working in the ER world which is a pretty good outcome (and not really an easy task at the moment!)”

ER manager

The ER development programme’s substantial value has been proven by the positive testimony and feedback from participants and their sponsoring organisations. I would encourage organisations looking to build their ER capability to consider making this worthwhile investment in their people”

Global ER leader



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